20 Bobbi Brown Products Editors Can’t Live Without

20 Bobbi Brown Products Editors Can’t Live Without, Bobbi Brown, the iconic makeup artist and entrepreneur, has been a household name in the beauty industry for decades. Her eponymous brand, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, has become synonymous with natural, effortless beauty. Our editors have curated a list of 20 must-have Bobbi Brown products that have earned a permanent spot in their makeup bags.

  1. Skin Foundation Stick ($34)
  2. Corrector Concealer ($27)
  3. Pot Rouge ($29)
  4. Creamy Lip Color ($29)
  5. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($27)
  6. Eye Shadow Palette ($59)
  7. Bronzing Powder ($40)
  8. Highlighting Powder ($40)
  9. Face Blender Brush ($40)
  10. Full Coverage Foundation ($36)
  11. Sheer Finish Loose Powder ($38)
  12. Hydrating Eye Cream ($50)
  13. Intensive Skin Serum ($75)
  14. Soothing Cleansing Oil ($40)
  15. Hydrating Facial Toner ($30)
  16. Vitamin Enriched Face Base ($60)
  17. Lip Color Balm ($29)
  18. Extreme Mascara ($29)
  19. Dual Ended Eyeliner ($30)
  20. Beach Body Lotion ($40)

Why Our Editors Love Bobbi Brown

  • Natural, effortless beauty philosophy
  • High-quality, long-lasting products
  • Wide range of shades for diverse skin tones
  • Innovative, multi-tasking products
  • Iconic, timeless packaging

Bobbi Brown’s Impact on Beauty

  • Revolutionized natural, “no-makeup” makeup
  • Empowered women to embrace their individuality
  • Pioneered inclusive shade ranges
  • Inspired a generation of makeup artists


Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has cemented its place in the beauty hall of fame. Our editors’ top 20 picks showcase the brand’s commitment to natural beauty, innovation, and inclusivity. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the brand, these must-have products will help you achieve effortless, radiant beauty.

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